Have you ever sat around watching a hockey game, drinking a beer, and wished your furry friend could join you in this ritual? Well now you and your best buddy can share the experience with dog beer, specially formulated for a dog’s palette. A dog deserves their own refreshing treat, whether we are strolling around the neighborhood wearing matching sweaters, or riding shotgun as we cruise down the open road. Our loyal companions are happiest when they are hanging out with their people.

Starting in 2018 as Beer for Dogs, this original dog brew for your trusty sidekick has been turning out the canine-friendly product as Crafty Beasts Brewing Company since 2020. The founder and President of the company, Cindy James, began creating a dog beer because she needed a retail operation alongside her dog daycare business in Halifax due to zoning laws.

After finding inspiration from Croatia, where the concept of a dog beer is well-known, she started to experiment with broth flavors in an Insta-Pot. Today, this all-natural product is brewed in stainless steel vats in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and packaged by Craft Coast Canning. The craft beer for dogs, Fetch, can be picked up at retailers across Canada or ordered online. You can even crack a brew and share this experience with your pup outdoors on patios at establishments across the country who are serving Fetch to discerning dog palettes.  

What Ingredients Do We Use in Our Dog Beer?

Crafty Beasts Brewing’s promise to dog owners to only use fresh ingredients when creating their new flavored dog brew is clear when you read the can – water, beef, carrot, apple, and natural flavor and spices such as ginger and turmeric. They have stayed away from a chicken-based broth as some dogs are allergic to poultry. The dog beer, which consists of a bone broth, is 100% alcohol and preservative free!

The locally sourced ingredients are safe and healthy for your furry friend, upcycled from farmers because they aren’t graded for human consumption but still acceptable nutritionally. In fact, Crafty Beasts fully supports the farmers’ mission of eliminating food waste that ends up in composts or landfills, which amounts to 14% of the world’s food (valued at $400 billion per year) according to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s State of Food and Agriculture Report. The apples and carrots may not be pretty but they sure are a good thing for your best buddy.

The Nutritional Benefits of Beer for Dogs

Rescue pups and senior canines alike will enjoy the refreshing treat designed with a dog’s palette in mind. Dog owners will be happy this canine beverage provides extra hydration and contains essential minerals and nutrients. For some dogs, not getting enough water can be a concern as dehydration can lead to urinary tract issues or organ failure (The Halifax Humane Society put out a good article on water consumption in dogs).

Finicky canines can be enticed into drinking more water if it has an appealing taste and smell like dog beer. This natural product aids in digestion for a dog’s healthy stomach and provides support for joints and their immune system. Just ask Einstein, Crafty Beasts Brewing’s Chief Product Developer, who is “on a mission of nutrition.” He wanted a convenient, healthy treat for his fellow canines so they could enjoy happy moments with their dog owners.

How Does Beer for Dogs Compare to Human Beer?

It doesn’t compare because it’s not. No, seriously, real beer made for humans has problematic ingredients such as alcohol and hops which are not ok for dogs. This original dog brew is a special treat meant for your dog’s bowl and can be served cold or at room temperature, depending on how your pooch likes their Canine Pale Ale. Believe it or not, once a can of Crafty Beasts Fetch is open, it will last up to ten days in the refrigerator! Mix it in with their food for a nice winter holiday meal. You can even freeze it in an ice cube tray to be given as a tasty snack after a hot summer game of fetch. The craft beer for man’s best friend comes in 355 ml cans and may be stored up to one year on a shelf and up to a year in the freezer. They are also stamped on the bottom with a date by which you should consume the dog brew. Go on, have a little sip, and taste the fresh ingredients yourself (we won’t tell).

A Great Birthday or Holiday Gift for Your Dog

Dogs have become an important part of the family. Whether you’re spending the day together at the beach or doing a photoshoot for your pup’s legion of followers, quality time is a great way to bond for you and your furry friend. While sharing these experiences, how fun is it to gift your pooch with a chop-licking good refreshing treat! This craft beer for dogs can be found in Canadian pet stores, doggy daycares and brewery taprooms. If you aren’t near where this canine beverage can be purchased, dog parents can order a six pack online. While you’re at the shop, check out the cute merchandise for your best buddy. Find a great birthday or holiday gift fit for your special dog to set their tails wagging. Why not put a little wiggle in your pup by pouring a can of dog brew to say, “Cheers, I love you.”

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