Are you and your dog out on the hiking trail most weekends? Do you and your furry BFF train for marathons? Active dogs might need an additional energy boost after a few hours of physical exercise. Even dogs that enjoy a slower pace to life could benefit from an energy drink after a long, hot day napping in the sun. But are energy drinks safe for dogs? And where can you order some?

Different Drinks for Dogs

Like humans, dogs require water for their body to function properly. Experts recommend dogs should drink one ounce of water per pound of dog weight, so a 60-pound dog should drink 60 ounces of water daily on average. If a dog exercises strenuously, or the outside temperature is high, or if a dog is not feeling well, their water intake could vary. Always keep a source of clean, fresh water on hand for your dog in the home, out in the yard and on the go. It can be harmful to dogs if they do not drink enough water to replace the water they lose naturally as they may become dehydrated, which leads to other health issues.

If you have a dog that doesn’t seem interested in water, you can try a few alternatives to entice them. Fruit and vegetable juice can be healthy for your furry friend if you use a juicer and do not use store-bought juice. Processed juices sold in stores contain a lot of sugar and salt, neither of which are good for dogs. But there is produce that is healthy for dogs – apples, cucumbers, carrots, blueberries and celery – that could be juiced – and some, like watermelon, which is made of mainly water, could be fed directly to your pooch if you removed the seeds and rind. It’s good to know which fruits and vegetables are toxic for pets, so review this list from the American Kennel Club.

Coffee, tea and other beverages that contain caffeine are not recommended for our canine companions. Similarly, beer, wine and liquor must be avoided due to their alcohol content. Some pet owners may consider giving milk to their pooch but many dogs become lactose-intolerant as they age so all dairy should only be given in small amounts, including cheese and ice cream.

Crafty Beasts offers nutritious dog beverages made with bone broth and fresh fruit and vegetables that are both delicious and beneficial for your canine’s well-being. You can purchase a package of six for your furry companion by clicking here.

What are Dog Energy Drinks?

Dog energy drinks, such as the one offered by Crafty Beasts Brewing Company, consist of a bone broth that has been improved with natural flavours and essential nutrients like vitamins A and B, calcium, antioxidants, fiber, and potassium. Our energy drink, Unleashed, is a flavourful concoction of water, beef, carrot, blueberry juice and  natural health boosters. We have also created a dog brew – Fetch, a canine pale ale – with similar ingredients to the energy drink and lots of nutritional value. As dog lovers themselves, we never include alcohol, hops, or artificial flavours or sweeteners. Our cans be stored on a shelf unopened for up to a year, and will last up to 10 days once opened and refrigerated.

Are Dog Energy Drinks Ok for Dogs?

Not only are dog energy-boosting drinks ok for your fur friend to consume, they are downright healthy (but don’t tell your dogs!). Crafty Beasts’ Unleashed is packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin B, which helps with cell support, their immune system and good digestion. The dog beverage also contains Vitamin A, which improves eye health and growth. Minerals are equally important to a dog’s health, and this dog energy brew has calcium, potassium and other minerals that aid metabolic functions in dogs. Dog energy drinks do not have artificial preservatives nor do they have any caffeine, which can be toxic depending on the amount consumed by your dog, according to leading wellness veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker

Active dogs that need to replenish their energy could benefit from an energy boost. However, energy bars that are designed for human consumption are not recommended for dogs as they may contain toxic ingredients like chocolate, raisins or artificial sweeteners such as xylitol. One alternative is to pour a cold can of Unleashed directly into their bowl, or mix in with their dry, raw or wet food. During the summer you can freeze the energy drink into cubes for an icy tasty treat. A dog brew or energy drink could be just the thing to help your dog refill electrolytes and essential nutrients when you get home from a lively romp at the dog park or a long run at the beach.

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