It feels like we’re long past the winter holidays, doesn’t it? Now we’re in that part of winter where you and your furry friend burrow under blankets and dream about last summer’s parties in the sun. Perhaps you’re a new pet owner, having adopted a four-legged companion from one of the many animal shelters across the country. There are so many dogs in need of homes and not enough rescues like S.A.R.A (Saving Animals Through Rescue & Adoption), a no-kill society located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Perhaps you want to start the New Year off right by feeding your best friend fresh ingredients and natural products. Some beer lovers might be thinking a cold one doesn’t exactly fit into the new diet for you or your pooch. The good news is there is a canine beverage in dog-friendly flavours made with simple ingredients that helps with a healthy digestive system. Dog beer, an all-natural bone broth, has no alcohol or synthetic preservatives.

Is Dog Beer Good for Hydration?

Bone broth is primarily made up of water, a key nutrient for healthy humans and dogs alike! Your dog needs water for healthy cells and it aids in most of their bodily functions, including a healthy digestive system. How much water your dog drinks depends on the weight of your dog. There’s no steadfast rule but, in general, dogs should drink one ounce of water for every pound of weight. If your pup weighs 64 pounds, they should aim to drink about 64 ounces, or 8 cups, of water every day.

There are factors that might influence their water intake such as their diet. If your dog eats dry, hard food for their meals, they will most likely need more water than a dog that eats wet or raw food, because those diets already contain more water. How active your pooch is and the temperature outside will also influence how much water they need. Dogs pant to help keep themselves cool and lose a lot of water through evaporation. Sadly, as our dogs age, they may find it difficult to get up and over to the water bowl due to mobility issues. Combined with health ailments more common to older dogs, our senior pups are at a greater risk for becoming dehydrated.

Dehydration for dogs of any age can become a serious, if not deadly, medical concern. When a dog’s body needs more water than it is bringing in, a dog will start to be dehydrated. With less water in the bloodstream, the electrolytes become unbalanced, which affects organ function. The more dehydrated a dog becomes, the greater risk that vital organs will start shutting down.

Fetch and Unleashed: Beer for Your Dogs

There is good news for pet owners striving to keep their furry friends hydrated. Crafty Beasts Brewing Company has formulated a natural product called Fetch, which is a canine beverage made with dog-friendly flavours in mind. Though the can says it is a canine pale ale, when you check the ingredient label, you will see it is not actual beer as it contains no alcohol or hops. Fetch is a dog-friendly beverage made of beef bone broth and other fresh ingredients such as carrot and apple. Fetch and its sister product, Unleashed, were designed to appeal to a dog’s palate though beer lovers may enjoy that it can be picked up across Canada.

These dog brews contain no synthetic preservatives and pack a lot of nutritional value in each can. The vitamins and minerals found in Fetch can strengthen the immune system, aid in joint support, and keep a dog’s digestive system healthy. Unleashed is filled with vegetables and fruits like blueberries that can help hydrate and replenish your dog’s electrolytes. Dog beer shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement but can be a topper for added nutrition. Just simple ingredients brewed together to make a healthy, flavourful canine beverage that your pooch will love. 

How to Serve Dog Beer

Dog beer is best served at room temperature, which is how our canine companions prefer their beverages. Fetch and Unleashed come in cans, and one can is the recommended serving size. You can keep a can of Crafty Beasts on the shelf unopened for one year. Once you pop the top, refrigerate any remaining brew for up to 10 days. Dog beer is a good source of water for pups that aren’t great about drinking it so you can pour a can right in their water bowl. For picky eaters, mix in a little dog brew with their dry, hard food to whet your dog’s palette or splash on a raw food diet. Freeze some in ice cube trays and bring it on hot summer days for a tasty treat. Dog beer can certainly be used as a treat but in moderation just like you would any treat.

After a long day, beer lovers enjoy having a cold one while relaxing. Now your pup can have their own canine beverage like Fetch or Unleashed. As a pet owner, you can feel safe knowing dog beer is a natural product with fresh ingredients in dog-friendly flavours. It’s a bonus that the brew is healthy and good for your furry friend, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can dogs drink beer?

No, dogs should never drink actual beer made for humans, nor should they drink any alcoholic beverage because they cannot metabolize the ethanol.

2. Is beer bad for dogs?

Yes, normal beer is made with alcohol and hops, which is toxic to dogs. Other alcoholic beverages may contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which is extremely dangerous for your pet.

3. Why do dogs like beer?

Dogs are not inherently drawn to the smell or flavour of beer as much as they are enticed by anything in the hands of their beloved owners or left out unattended.

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